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Subject Heading Search

Click in the box, type the desired subject, then click SEARCH:

If no results appear, it indicates that the term searched is not in the database. Modify your search using the tips below, or try your search terms in the “Keywords in Experiment Title” search option.


  • Try different forms of the subject word being searched such as "Pill Bugs" and "Pillbugs."
  • Select the broader form of a subject such as "Plants" and browse through the list of subheadings to locate a more specific subject such as "Plants - Dissection."
  • Search a singular or truncated subject word to retrieve all forms of a subject heading. For example, search "Plant" to find both "Plant" and "Plants." A search for "Biolog" will locate "Biological" as well as "Biology."
  • When searching a subject with a subheading such as "Plants - Drying," type two spaces before the dash and one space after it.
Note: The Science Fair Project Index uses a controlled vocabulary derived from the Library of Congress Subject Headings. The editors have made modifications and additions to the subject headings when the Library of Congress either does not have a suitable heading to describe a project or uses terminology unfamiliar to most students. "See" references direct the user to preferred subject headings, while "see also" references direct the user to related subject headings to explore.