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titleThe science chef : 100 fun food experiments and recipes for kids
authorD'Amico, Joan
publisherHoboken, NJ : Jossey-Bass
call number641.3 D158s 2020
grade levelK - 2, 3 - 5

Experiments in this book

Experiment TitlePagesLink to full text if available
 entire book
Which Potato Cooks Faster?3 - 7
How Do you get the Most Pops?25 - 27
How Can I Cut Onions Without Crying?40 - 42
Which Toasts Better?48 - 49
Which Beans Will Start to Grow? (How Water Affects whether a Bean Will Sprout)62 - 63
Which is the Better Thickener? (How Flour Thickens)73 - 75
How Does Sugar Affect Yeast's Growth?81 - 85
Does Temperature Affect How Much baking Powder Bubbles?96 - 98
Which Egg Whites Whip Up Faster? (determine how egg temperature affects the whipping process)110 - 112
Test the Viscosity155 - 157
What Happens When Water Turns to Ice?163 - 164
Compare the Freezing Point of Oils Such as Peanut Oil (Demonstrate the Concept of Freezing Point, the Temperature at which a Liquid Turns Into a Solid)180 - 181
Compare Pectin Content of Fruits191 - 192
Comparing Water Content of Fresh and Dried Fruit200 - 203