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Book Details
titleExplore forces and motion!
authorSwanson, Jennifer.
publisherWhite River Junction, VT : Nomad Press
call number531.11 Sw972e
grade levelK - 2, 3 - 5

Experiments in this book

Experiment TitlePagesLink to full text if available
Swanson, Explore forces and motion!entire book
Building Bridges6-7
Slow It Down! (with friction)14-15
Flying Paper Clip16
Crumpled Or Square? (surface area effects friction)17
Book Buddies18
Try Galileo's Experiment26
Weightless Water27
Make Your Own Parachute28-29
Can Gravity Be Ignored?30-31
Body in Motion (demonstrate Newton's second law of motion)42
Catch That Penny! (first law of motion)43
It's Not Rocket Science. Well, Maybe It Is... (third law of motion)44
Balloon Boat45
Make The Car Go (with a magnet)53
What's The Attraction?54-55
Can You See The Lines? (of magnetic force)56-57
Hovering Hoops (supported by magnetic force)58
Archimede's Gold Experiment (determining density)68-69
It's All About The Density (shapes sink or float)70
Make Your Own Submarine71
Pebbles Away! (lift with a lever)80
Roll Like An Egyptian (minimize friction with rollers)81
Ramp It Up! (use a ramp to help move objects)82
Wire Transfer (a double pulley system)83