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Book Details
titleThe Maker cookbook: recipes for children's and tween library programs
authorWall, Cindy R and Pawloski, Lynn M.
publisherSanta Barbara, California : Libraries Unlimited
call number027.625 W187m
grade levelK - 2, 3 - 5, 6 - 8, Teacher's Manual

Experiments in this book

Experiment TitlePagesLink to full text if available
Wall, The Maker cookbook: recipes for children's and tween library programsentire book
Alternate reality (a change to the history of flight)13-15
Balloon zip line16-19
Off to the races!20-24
Cardboard amazement25-28
The fake spill29-32
Meteorite strike33-38
Scratch that technology itch41-44
All the world's a puppet stage45-47
Look ma no needles (finger knitting)48-53
Zen Garden54-57
Maaker open house61-66
Animation Exploration67-70
Necessity is the mother nature of invention convention (biomimicry-the examination of natural process and attempt to adapt and reproduce them to solve human problems)71-74
Plastic vs. plastic75-80
Silent film81-84
Stop motion films85-88
Fairy tale theater94-102
It's all about me103-105
Maker marketplace (make and sell crafts)106-116
My, what big claws you have (paleoartists)117-121
T-shirt transfer-mations122-125
Do play with your food126-129
Fondant game130-134
Food detectives135-140
Pet spa141-145
Unheavy metal146-149
Our maker neighborhood153-156
Preschool drum corps157-159
Project planet160-163
Transportation station164-167
Happy campers168-171
The very healthy butterfly172-175