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titleTaiga experiments: 12 science experiments in hour or less
authorGardner, Robert
publisherEnslow Publishers, Inc., Berkeley Heights, NJ
call number577.37 G228t
grade levelK - 2, 3 - 5

Experiments in this book

Experiment TitlePagesLink to full text if available
Biomesentire book
Using maps (Taiga Biomes)12-13
A climatogram of a city in a Taiga Biome.14-15
A Taiga animal's wide feet and pressure16-17
Seasons in a Taiga.18-19
Soil acidity.20-21
How permafrost helps keep a Taiga wet.22-23
Taiga snow in sun and shade24-25
Animal tracks.26-27
Masking cast of tracks in snow or dirt.28-29
The melting point of snow.30-31
How cool temperatures help keep a Taiga wet.32-33
How many board feet in that tree?34-37
Snow as an insulator.38-41
The sun's heat in a Taiga biome.42-43
What do owls eat?44-45